Provisional Start Lists *Now Online*

Please check again before your competition for any revisions.

Register 30min+ before your event

Track Reporting 10min before event time

Field Reporting 15min before event time


  • 09:45-10:00 Godiva Kids – Arrival
  • 10:00 GODIVA KIDS Quadrathlon – 50/400/LJ/Vortex
  • 12:00 LESLEY MALLOWS 800m
  • 13:15 DISCUS MEN & WOMEN
  • 14:00 WCR & RR 100m
  • 15:00 WCR & RR 400m
  • 15:00 SHOT PUTT – Mixed
  • 16:00 WCR 1500m


One person per athlete permitted i.e. parent, spouse, coach. (Para-athletes requiring assistant or carer will be permitted one additional)

“Electronic Timing” Photofinish will be used for all LM800, WCR & RR events.

Lesley Mallows 800 Races will be run U13, U15 and then U17/U20/SEN, seeded by PB (where provided)